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  1. Hellooooo, comrades! It’s 4:45am in NYC and you’re keeping me company through another episode of insomnia! Yay, you guys! No one I’d rather keep company with in the middle of the night.

    Left these comments on Twitter but you just said at the end of the podcast that you prefer that we leave comments on the episode page so I am about to copy and paste my tweets to you here before I go back to Twitter and delete them.

    Regarding old-lady names being a thing. TOTALLY. Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel 13 years ago (better than Gertrude but not by much, IMO) and I thought…hmmm…old-lady names may be either coming back into vogue or may even be brought back in with this momentous JR child naming. And now it’s yr podcast topic! I think this thing was started by Julia.

  2. Hey- Fordo again.

    Also, I saw a 10-yr-old in a viral video recently named “Maryann.” WTH?! That name hit peak popularity avec Gilligan’s Island then (thankfully) died off in the 70’s. Who is naming a kid that now?? It’s totally the name of a girl that Keith Partridge or Greg Brady would have dated, not one of the Jonas brother. I’m officially anti-this old-lady naming thing. And my given name is Maryann so I feel like maybe I can throw shade at that name? There’s a reason I only go by Fordo outside of work. I’m praying that I don’t see any more Maryanns in the wild.

  3. Tim Jahr

    Wait… how did we go so fast from Molly saying her setup would’ve been perfect if there had also been snow, and then two seconds later she’s slamming winter and saying she moved to get away from it? Some of us still like winter and that’s why we’ve stayed. Do we really have to hate on it here?

  4. Although I chuckled at the DIGAF, I have to say that for years i have been using DILLIGAF. Sometimes it has 2 F’s. Does it look like I give Flip (not flip)(or flying flip). I picked it up from friends in a motorcycle club i was in. This was about 20 years ago. Nice to see my vernacular coming back again. Someday maybe I will become cool again, although I never was.

  5. We named our daughter Sophia back in 2000 thinking it was novel, of course there were 4 others in her class (frankly she was named after my dead grandmother – it’s what Jewish people do)
    Also. I assume you have covered this or perhaps will be offended by it but for me it’s a trigger (and I know trigger is a days gone by thing too). I have noticed for a few years now that when “expert” people or people who are trying to sound smartish are being interview or speaking on a TED talk they overuse the phrase “sort of” incessantly when they are implying always. Similar to kids using the word “like” all the time.
    It just feels like a qualifier yet cop out to make them sound professorial and thoughtful.

    Love your show,

    Angry old man JimmyC

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