Where We Add BTS To Every Show Title – It’s a Thing 71

Tom takes a little trip down Seoul Town Road and Molly ponders the relevance of John Mulaney. Then Tom recognizes Hustlers while Molly moves out with a Sprinter van. Plus things from you, including email(s) from Fordo.

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Shrub Don’t Care – It’s a Thing 70

It’s been a long week, so Tom is taking a cool drink of shrub. To relax, Molly’s taking her super hip half-teardrop camper glamping for the weekend. Also Tom is seeing Panama hats adjacent to a former Beatle and Molly thinks workouts to create” the shelf” are a thing.

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Long Black’s Journey Into Night – It’s a Thing 69

Tom has seen the long black and flat white taking off worldwide, while Molly discovers cosmetic masks at drug stores. Then they discuss cool water bottles and introverts. And we get a teen update from Eli! Plus a listener let’s us know about Mongolian Metal.

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