The next thing

Person wonderingHey all, Tom and Molly here.

We LOVED doing this first run of It’s A Thing episodes! We’ve been spending the time since our last recording wondering what we should do for the next run. I mean literally nothing else. Just sitting. Looking out the window. Wondering.

We wondered things like: Should we Kickstarter a season? Should we sell ads? Should Tom take
to the casting couches of LA and find a sugar momma to fund us like a patron of the baroque period arts scene?

And finally the answer came to us. NO. We should do none of those things!

But this is not a breakup letter. We decided that we’re just going to keep doing the show because we enjoy it, and it gives us a way to virtually hang out a little more often. And that’s it.

Turns out not everything has to turn a big profit (or any profit, really), and every way we thought of to make money just sounded like a hassle. We’re busy people! So to keep this fun, and easy to listen to (i.e. no commercials) we’re just going to keep doing it as is.

If you feel like you want to kick us a few bucks, we added one of those PayPal donation things. Molly could use it to help fund her new mic — maybe you’ve noticed. But don’t feel obligated. We’ll be having fun either way.

We are going to do this in seasons though. So give us a few weeks before we come back from ‘hiatus’ with all new eps. And all new
things! And keep following us on Twitter for SECRET REVELATIONS! Or at least occasional snarky posts.

We love you all!

Molly and Tom

It’s A Thing- #011 – Go Pro for Slender Man

Slender ManMolly talks about how Go Pro was just the start of the star-on-your-head camera craze. Tom is introduced to Slender Man and his cousin Trender man. Plus, you won’t *need* matching luggage if you get rid one thing a day, and who’s Hadoken-ing.

Episode link

Show Notes:

‘Biting Elbows’ Go Pro Video (NSFW!)
Slender Man (and its derivative, Trender Man)