The next thing

Person wonderingHey all, Tom and Molly here.

We LOVED doing this first run of It’s A Thing episodes! We’ve been spending the time since our last recording wondering what we should do for the next run. I mean literally nothing else. Just sitting. Looking out the window. Wondering.

We wondered things like: Should we Kickstarter a season? Should we sell ads? Should Tom take
to the casting couches of LA and find a sugar momma to fund us like a patron of the baroque period arts scene?

And finally the answer came to us. NO. We should do none of those things!

But this is not a breakup letter. We decided that we’re just going to keep doing the show because we enjoy it, and it gives us a way to virtually hang out a little more often. And that’s it.

Turns out not everything has to turn a big profit (or any profit, really), and every way we thought of to make money just sounded like a hassle. We’re busy people! So to keep this fun, and easy to listen to (i.e. no commercials) we’re just going to keep doing it as is.

If you feel like you want to kick us a few bucks, we added one of those PayPal donation things. Molly could use it to help fund her new mic — maybe you’ve noticed. But don’t feel obligated. We’ll be having fun either way.

We are going to do this in seasons though. So give us a few weeks before we come back from ‘hiatus’ with all new eps. And all new
things! And keep following us on Twitter for SECRET REVELATIONS! Or at least occasional snarky posts.

We love you all!

Molly and Tom

15 Responses to “The next thing”

  1. Sandy Pilares

    Tom & Molly….
    I love the interactions & chemistry between the two of you… In fact, it was that chemistry and your bantering that first “got me into” podcasts!!! Now PODCASTS are all I listen to!!

    I WANT to be able to donate, via Paypal, to your cause…. To keep the two of you together and be able to listen to you….

    However right now, when I click on the Paypal link, it says the $$$ is for “Sword & Laser”. I’m sure it’s a great podcast (as it’s Tom’s)… But I would like to donate to Tom & Molly!!

    Can you fix the Paypal link so we are assured our donation is for “It’s a thing”?!?

    Thank you both for what you do…. And MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!!

    • admin

      Yeah and maybe longer. We have yet to schedule the next recording session, but I swear there WILL be another recording session. Think of this show in seasons. Once we get rolling with season 2, we’ll do another 12 in a row, I expect.

  2. Michael

    Maybe, maybe you can email Stitcher at [email protected] and say, “hey, we’re a real podcast and this is our feed” and then they can add you to Stitcher radio and then I can add you to my favorites then life will attain the perfection it lacks. I hope you realize I only make this request out of love.

  3. admin

    Hey Michael, we’d be happy to have Stitcher add It’s A Thing to their service under the Creative Commons terms we publish for all comers. Stitcher is a great service!

    Unfortunately to fficially submit a show to Stitcher you have to agree to be a partner. Stitcher requires partners to agree to terms of service that alter that license, so I hesitate to submit any of my shows through that channel.

    • Michael

      Understandable. You and Molly are worth keeping up with manually then. I shall look forward to the next batch of things and I hope Molly gets enough donations for a new microphone.

  4. Patrick Watts

    So, It’s a Thing, no longer a thing, but when it becomes a thing again, you’ll start the show so that you can tell us that It’s a Thing is again a thing.

  5. good gawd you both gave me a scare, i was wondering what happened to the show since you said it would be ‘a couple of weeks’ before you record the new epis. so i thought i’d pop over to the site to find out what’s going on and i get greeted with the first part of this announcement?!?!
    i’m glad molly and yourself are still committed to this podcast coz i think you both make a great team coming up with great content. looking forward to the new epis soon…. like real soon right?

  6. Can’t wait for new shows. After listening to you guys for years, back to the first episodes of BOL, i finally have been able to introduce you to my wife she listened to all of these and enjoyed them! You guys have a perfect radio chemistry that works and it is rare. Glad to have you back together but would love to be hearing you guys talk about tech but i understand that there are probably many reasons why that may not be possible.

    Love the pic of the “Window” i know that spot well i live just an hour away from there. Have you been to Mt St Helens? If not it’s a must see.

  7. Derrick

    Hey guys. Just had a short but lovely vaca in Sonoma, Napa and Livermore valleys. What is up with stuffed animal sort of things on the kids heads? What are they and is it a thing?

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