Apothecary Chic – It’s a Thing 54

Tom. Molly. Things. Discussion ensues. In this episode we discover how Tom rates movies, a post-digital download world, the joys of a turntable with no records, oversharing via Twitter name, where the hipsters will turn next, and Lambo culture.

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4 Responses to “Apothecary Chic – It’s a Thing 54”

  1. If David Rose opened an apothecary on Schitts Creek, then it’s TOTALLY a thing as he used to be a “trend forecaster” before the family lost all their money and were forced to move to Schitts Creek. And…he is just hip and on top of things in general as is the actor who plays him, Dan Levy. So, yeah. Apothecary chic. Totally a thing.

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