Waiting For Tom To Bring It Up – It’s a Thing 257

In this episode of It’s a Thing, Tom Merritt and Molly Wood discuss the latest trends that are taking over various industries. They kick off with LTK Shop, an e-commerce platform that is changing the way people shop online. Tom and Molly explain that LTK Shop is an extension of the popular LIKEtoKNOW.it app, which allows users to shop directly from influencer posts. They discuss the impact of this platform on influencer marketing and online shopping, making it easier for listeners to find their favorite products.

Next, they dive into the delicious world of French onion things, a food trend that is taking over menus everywhere. Tom and Molly explain that French onion things are dishes that incorporate all the flavors of French onion soup in creative ways, from French onion burgers to French onion dip. They share their thoughts on why this trend has caught on and why it’s so tasty, making listeners’ mouths water.

The hosts then discuss Ozempic, a new drug that is making waves in the diabetes treatment industry. They explain how Ozempic works, its benefits as a appetite suppressant, and its potential impact on people living with Type 2 diabetes. Tom and Molly also touch on the controversy surrounding the high cost of the drug and the challenges of making it accessible to everyone who needs it. This segment offers valuable insights for listeners who are interested in health and wellness.

Finally, they talk about the popular phrase “let them cook,” which has been making rounds on social media. Molly explains that it’s a way of saying let someone do their thing, and don’t interfere. It’s particularly popular in the cooking and baking community, where people are encouraged to trust the process and let their recipes do their magic. This segment offers listeners a glimpse into the latest trends in social media and popular culture.

In this episode of It’s a Thing, Tom and Molly explore a range of trends that are shaping different aspects of our lives, from fashion to food and health. With their unique perspectives and insights, they offer an engaging and informative look at what’s new and exciting in the world of trends.

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