Fingerboarding an Industry Plant – It’s a Thing 200

Tom turns to the spoken word to find a booming thing and Molly spots the spa singularity. Then Tom delves into podcasting depths to discover manufactured fame, while Molly’s next thing is definitely not dirty.

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One Response to “Fingerboarding an Industry Plant – It’s a Thing 200”

  1. Although the majority of guests at Rancho la Puerta are from California, I’m from Minnesota and have been going there for about 15 years.

    I love love love the place, but I have to admit that yes, there is a stereotypical type of guest, namely, well off white ladies. At the same time it does seem to attract genuinely nice people as repeat guests. I think someone who was snooty or wanting to be excessively catered to, probably wouldn’t come back.

    You could definitely go overboard with different kinds of exercise, but it’s also OK to climb into a hammock with a book.

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