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  1. BBC shows that are good that you can catch on Netflix:
    -Luther- This is a really good hard hitting cop drama. It’s pretty intense.
    -The Catherine Tate Show- This is an amazing example of acting by Catherine Tate. She can play anything.
    -Spaced- This is what originally made Simon Pegg and Nick Frost famouse. Lots of geek humor.
    -Fawlty Towers- A must watch show. One of the greatest comedies ever.

    The great thing about British TV shows is that they last like 6 episodes. So you can watch an entire series in the time that it would take to watch a couple of movies.

  2. Linda Mills

    Today’s lineup for Channel 4 and ITV in the UK includes “According to Jim,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Kojak,” and “Judge Judy,” so there actually is no accounting for taste or the grass is indeed greener somewhere else. However, the “… British” game works with TV shows, too (the first one I can think of is “All in the Family”) .

    Translation is not always a sure thing, though. Well in advance of Doctor Who, Steven Moffatt wrote the UK series “Coupling,” produced by his wife, Susan Vertue, and reportedly based on their 20-something lives in London. Its word-for-word duplication for NBC sunk like a very dense stone.

    Keep an eye out for “Outnumbered,” which I binge-watched in the UK a couple of years ago. It’s a family sitcom that Fox was rumoured to be adapting, but its British semi-improv (with kids!) charm is fine just the way it is now.

  3. So my wife and I visited friends who live in San Diego this past weekend (we live in Los Angeles, SFV). Over the course of the Friday night that we stayed with them, we went to an “artisanal” pizza joint, ordered pizza topped with Burrata Cheese (S02E01). After dinner, we went back to their house and sampled some craft bourbons our host had been collecting (S02E05), and I noticed that when my wife asked for some water, our hostess brought out the water in a mason jar (S02E06).

    While there, I did notice they were growing a large variety of herbs and spices scattered throughout about 20 plant pots on their patio. Is this a “thing” (growing fresh herbs for cooking)? (FYI: none of them required a medicinal license)

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