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  1. Mary Hanson

    Regarding Episode 5 about the Tough Murder… If I understand it correctly, it is about completing a circuit or course that is challenging…
    One of the new “things” my 25 year old daughter has been doing is the “Run or Dye” races. It is very popular! The one she ran in was in Dallas (they drove 4 hours from Killeen to Dallas to run) and they run with a white T-shirt on, and people throw cornstarch-based dye at you as you run. You end up tie-dyed all over – head to toe. They run 5K. Hysterical! She was so motivated to run daily so she could do this! It’s a “thing” in Texas!

  2. “Bounds of reason” comes to mind when it comes to Tough Mudder. No body needs a challenge that badly. Run a marathon or learn a craft like a normal human being. If you do feel like that you need to recreate Full Metal Jacket while Bros cheer you on, you may hate yourself. lol

  3. HotBranch

    Wow! Is it ever wonderful to hear Molly and Tom casting pods together again. Just discovered your podcast this week (thank you, PocketCasts’ Discover feature!).

    Two thoughts:

    1) The Tough Mudder concept is but one of a slew of new endurance events that seem to be a thing now. There are also “prison break” type races (obstacles and guards chasing you) and Zombie runs (where volunteer undead in full makeup chase after you). Seems (to me) as an offshoot of people trying half marathons and wanting something with more of an adrenaline rush. A large number of my training pals have graduated from marathons to triathlons and ironman competitions. It’s a sickness, I tells ya!

    2) Concerning the quality of Molly’s mic, I don’t know how she’s set up to record, but it sounds like her room is very lively (are there many bare walls in the near vicinity?). I had this issue with voice work I’ve done in the past and was able to minimize the liveliness of the room by surrounding myself with curtains, cone of silence-style. This would be uber goofy if you were recording a video podcast, but changing Molly’s location to somewhere that has more materials to absorb sound waves might help improve the recording quality of her dulcet tones. This does not mean people shouldn’t donate…

    Listening in from Montreal!

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