About ‘It’s a Thing’

It’s a Thing is a show grown from the brain of Molly Wood and turned into a sporadically updated Twitter feed. It later became a podcast, hosted by Tom and Molly, who discovered through many years of co-hosting the hit CNET podcast “Buzz Out Loud” that sometimes the best conversations in any podcast are the tangents. Appropriately enough, It’s a Thing is a show about tangents that has occasionally gotten derailed by, well, other things. But Tom and Molly missed doing shows together, so they decided that It’s a Thing should become a thing. Again.


Molly Wood

Headshot photo of Molly Wood

Molly Wood is the founder and CEO of Molly Wood Media, the voice of the climate economy, formerly a business journalist covering technology at CNET, the New York Times, and Marketplace.

Tom Merritt

Headshot photo of Tom Merrirr

Tom Merritt is the host of the award-winning Daily Tech News Show and Sword and Laser as well as a half-dozen other podcasts.


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45 Responses to “About ‘It’s a Thing’”

  1. Peggy Duke

    Outstanding! I used to LIVE for the BOL Molly rants and there have never been two personalities more chemically perfect for appointment podcasting. Bring it. I have followed TWiT and Always On, but nothing is better than Tom and Molly riffing together.

  2. Brandon

    It seemed like all my favorite podcasts were ending. It’s AMAZING to have a new one beginning. Especially this one. I listen to podcasts at work but I can’t watch video, so I went from listening to Molly everyday to not hearing from her in years. (Tom I still get to listen to on Sword and Laser and TNT…) It’s great to have you guys back together again.

  3. After many a 4 hour drives, I have come to depend on the Tom & Molly show(s) to keep me alert, entertained and engaged in tech today.

    …things reminds me of something, yet nothing – perfectly.

    Keep up the great work and great journalism!

  4. I was a long time listener of you two on BOL and I’m also glad to see you back together. Well done!
    Just saw a report on NBC Nightly News about a trend in people getting together for do-it-yourself repairs instead of just junking things. http://dailynightly.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/08/21/20122895-if-its-broke-fix-it-neighbors-repair-each-others-belongings?lite
    Looks like a good way to save money and reduce waste. Could be a thing, yes?
    BTW, Luv the show!

  5. thebadge

    This could be a thing – gingham shirts. It seems that I am spotting more men in the media wearing gingham shirts. Tim Gunn, who is suppose to be a fashion guru, is wearing gingham. Gingham is a great look for a table cloth, but not a great look for men’s shirts. Is this a thing?

    BTW, love hearing Molly and Tom together again.

    • Hi Angel. You must have missed the end of the episode huh? We do It’s A Thing in seasons. We’ll keep you updated when the next season arrives. Probably sometime after the first of the year we’re thinking.

      Glad you like the show!

    • Every chance. What happened was we were planning to maybe do a Kickstarter in January. Then I got let go at TWiT. Then Molly got a job at the New York Times. So all of that has distracted us somewhat. But we definitely aren’t abandoning this show, it’s just going to take us both awhile to settle into our respective new situations. Sorry for the delay We shall return!

  6. Shaurya Dabas

    Hi Molly & Tom, hope you’re doing good!
    I am trying to start my own company in India, and wanted to ask if I could use on of the images on your website. Its the one with windows and mountains in it, want to use it as a symbol of hope. To reassure you my business is not related to yours at all, will be really helpful if you could let me use it for free or at a nominal charge since I am a budding entrepreneur.
    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you.
    Looking forward to your response.

  7. I listen to many podcasts but not indiscriminately. I choose carefully. ‘It’s a Thing’ is my favorite. It would be difficult to explain exactly why, but to those who venture here I daresay no explanation is needed. In the world of sweet, sugar & butter need no exposition. In the land of savory, salt and pepper require no commentary. The magic of Tom & Molly is self evident.

    Though I find myself giddy with each new episode, I also have concerns that Tom & Molly will have enough encouragement to continue the effort. This sounds noble but it is not. I have eagerly used the “donate” button but only to support my own thoughtless needs and the furtherance of my addiction. My contribution is void of altruism. Any benefit to the show is collateral. I encourage others to be as self-serving as I have been.

  8. Hank Lavagnini

    I listen to a lot of tech podcasts, mainly those on the TWiT network, and I have noticed an increased use of the word “Absolutely!” For example:
    “Welcome to the show” – (reply) “Absolutely!”
    “Thanks for inviting me” – (reply) “Absolutely!”
    “Is that correct?” – (reply) “Absolutely!” etc,etc,etc…
    Is this a new thing on the West Coast or in the techie world? (Please don’t say “Absolutely!”)

  9. (Rockin') Roland

    Found this new ‘cast of yours a bit late and am now catching up. Great stuff! Loved the schtick since the birth of BOL…..but….no new episodes coming?

    Please tell me that we’re not all going to be soon saying…..”LOVED the show!”

  10. Guys, you have GOT to do a show on ASMR videos on YouTube. I just discovered this phenomenon about 2 weeks ago, and apparently, IT’S TOTALLY A THING!! I’m still not sure if I should be creeped out by them, or thankful, because they knock me right out. But I can’t help wondering if there’s something wrong with me for watching them.

  11. Rachel

    Just have to say… I really miss this show!! Would love it if Tom and Molly had enough time in their schedule to do a new series of episodes. So many “things”, like the keto diet, Snapchat/Instagram filters, photo retouching apps that people have no clue how to properly use and make themselves look weird and obviously fake! Haha! I love that both of you are so busy now and am still following what you’re doing, but I’m really missing the Tom/Molly combo. 🙂

  12. I recommend “Because it’s my first Life” (available on Viki). It has become one of my favorite Korean dramas. Tom I am sure your wife would like this one. Very well written. Modern Rom-Com. Covers many current issues in Korea.

  13. Monty Marvian

    Hi Molly & Tom I’m very happy you are back doing this together. Love the feel of the old BOL days recently you talked about fasting. And I know you are serious research guys. Here. Is an update on this understanding can’t wait for more from youhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ubhikXxj4E&t=907s

  14. Callum Orr

    So pleased Cicerone came up in this week’s cast. I am a craft beer geek (among other things) I have been listening to Tom since tech news today started. And listen to all his other podcasts. But I have just started my certified Cicerone training and loving both the journey and the craft beer community. It’s such a friendly inclusive group. Thanks for the great podcasts.

  15. Peter Gillanders

    Hey, did I hear Tom mention Pickleball when I listened to episode 66 today, which is the same day I read about pickleball being the new ball sport played in Thorneside, here in Redland City (a.k.a. Redland Coast if you believe the marketing types) to the east of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

  16. Gabrielle Cohen

    I have started to see the khaki grey Subaru everywhere, and I live in Humboldt County. On another note, I listened to Buzz out Loud forever, and then when the show ended it was like Mom and Dad got divorced, and I had to go between your houses, ie, the Gadgettes, and Tech News Today. Then I followed both of you through most of your myriad shows, and when you got back together to do It’s A Thing, it was like the family was back together again. Then you took a break and my little divorced child’s heart was broken again, so now that you are back together for the second time, you have to keep going! Thanks for all of the years of fun and information. I want to go to the party with Fordo and Shannon! Love, Gaby

  17. Molly, Molly, Molly. I can’t begin to express my rage screaming on my commute home listening to last week’s podcast when you mentioned that you prompted the nickname Friar Tuck to your girlfriend. As a follicly challenged man myself, I could not understand why you didn’t suggest the nickname “Jean Luc” or “Picard”. He, too, sported the head ring while being considered one of the sexiest captains in Star Fleet. You could have saved their relationship!!

  18. Just wanted to drop a couple of things here that my fiance and I have noticed lately.

    1. Tobacco scents being added to candles and other products.

    2. Matcha is everywhere. Seriously it’s being added to everything around here.

    3. You both are awesome. It’s definitely a thing.

  19. Chrys Dean

    Tom and Molly, Did you realize there are now “VSCO Girl” themed sticker packs? Thought you needed to see them. Hope it adds a moment of delight to your day. One example:

  20. I realized today that I’m wearing a Thing, but there’s more to it than that. I bought a nice silk blouse at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. It hung in my closet for those couple weeks because it’s been too cold to wear it. I put it on to wear to work today and realized it’s got the Chrysler Building look. Two things in one!

  21. Hey Guys
    I have been listening to you since “the beginning”. I retired 3 years ago, but when I was wiry and in my “big money” years, I was on the legendary “Screaming Eagle” client list. Yup, I was offered the obligatory 3 bottles a year for the (bargain basement) price of $750/bottle. I no longer have that kind of disposable income. However, I know Stan Kroenke’s right hand man who oversees the Screaming Eagle distribution. And ready for this …
    ITS A BLEND All of the high end cabs are blends.

    Love your twisted show. Keep on keepin’ on,

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