2 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s02e07 – Stop the busy, draw your life”

  1. I have a thing I’ve started to notice. Basically it’s people willingly disconnecting from either social media, or the internet as a hole for a weekend or a full week. I’ve noticed that this becoming a thing among older members of Generation Y(AKA Millennials). Usually people that are old enough to remember a time before the internet as we know it today, and that feel burned out with hustle and bustle of social media. Although it’s not a big thing yet, I have seen a few bloggers and internet personalities take time off twitter and facebook over the past year just for the sake of taking time off. The few that have commented on the experience seem to find the their overall stress level went down, and they highly recommend it.

    Also, if you are interested in Draw your life I suggest that you check out American Elf. It’s an autobiographical comic strip by cartoonist James Kochalka. Since 1998 James has been keeping a diary in comic form that basically shows his everyday life as played out by a cartoon elf. You can find the entire archive online, and you can buy trades that are split by year.

  2. I just wanted to let you guys know… apparently letting the lighter fluid burn off your insta-light charcoal is a thing!!! Lol … but seriously, you only get that lighter fluid taste when you throw the food on too early. You’re supposed to wait until the coals turn completely gray before you start cooking with any charcoal.

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