It’s A Thing- s04e01 – The salt controversy

Salt shaker on sideThere is a war on salt but no war for common sense and moderation. Why is that?

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Salt: How bad is it, really?

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  1. HotBranch

    Great to have you guys back! Concerning salt, there is also the sports angle and the importance of maintaining a good balance of salt in the body to assist in hydration. Without sufficient water retention in the body, you can cramp up and salt is woefully ignored as a tool to help stave off cramps.

    During endurance sports (marathons, triathlons, etc.), many of the best trained competitors will consume some salt during their race, while their cramped-up competition will have ignored salt, especially during hot weather. As a marathon walk coach, I carry a few dozen fast food salt packets with me on race day in case I see someone who is showing signs of dehydration or cramping who has not consumed enough (or any) electrolyte beverage. Upping the salt intake a tiny bit in the meals leading up to a race will also help with the pre-race hydration (you ARE hydrating before a race, right?).

    You don’t need a lot (think of doing a tequila shooter) to have a quick turnaround, and, strange as it may seem, it tastes wonderful when you’re hurting. Obviously, overdoing it leads to swelling and a conditon I call “sausage fingers” when you’ve consumed too much salt and not enough water. (Personal experience at the Ottawa marathon in 2011.)

    Like pretty much anything in life, moderation is the key.

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