It’s A Thing – s03e12 – Officiating same-sex marriages

ringsNot only is officiating same-sex marriages a thing, but getting invited is becoming a status symbol.

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One Response to “It’s A Thing – s03e12 – Officiating same-sex marriages”

  1. Loved this episode! Living in the South where same-sex marriage hasn’t become the “thing” just yet, I wasn’t too familiar with the trend of officiating same-sex marriages.
    When thinking about my own marriage to my partner, I would definitely prefer choosing a close friend or family member over a state official or clergy-person whom I barely know.
    I’m a bit torn between the “status” of officiating a same-sex marriage. Like you guys said, it sounds like it’s an argument of “No, I am the most accepting!” Which really distracts from the couples’ union itself and the fact that they are getting to celebrate a day which would not have been possible ten years ago. On the other hand, I feel silly complaining about anyone being supportive. It just seems like an objectification of “gay,” like we are trinkets or status symbols for straight people to use to make themselves feel better about their own morality.

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