Apothecary Chic – It’s a Thing 54

Tom. Molly. Things. Discussion ensues. In this episode we discover how Tom rates movies, a post-digital download world, the joys of a turntable with no records, oversharing via Twitter name, where the hipsters will turn next, and Lambo culture.

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Fetch Me the Cicerone – It’s a Thing 53

Tom’s out at SXSW and found some interesting things in Austin bars. He and Molly discuss trusting a beer sommelier, cool vending machines in the US, the phenomenon of Topo Chico, and matte car paint.

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Drab 90’s Nostalgia – It’s a Thing 52

Tom and Molly are back for some new things! Today, they’re talking about 90s nostalgia via discovery TV (RIP Luke Perry), the phenomenon of fauxtography, olive drab jackets, Weezer, plus the sub-thing of The Three-Body Problem.

Producer’s note: We had some audio quality issues on this episodes. Perfectly listenable but Tom’s volume is a little low at times.

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Flashback: All Hail Kale – It’s A Thing 12

The It’s A Thing Crew is taking a week off, but we wanted to make sure there was some Tom and Molly in your podcast feed. We’re flashing back to a simpler time, a more civilized age… May 17, 2013. Back then kale, cafe con leche, and doorknobs were the new hotness.

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Escaping the Classic Rock Waiting Room- It’s A Thing 51

This week, Tom kicks off the show by discussing overhearing about Tiger Moms over dinner. Then Molly reveals that escape rooms are such a thing, they’re even in Fortnite. All this plus what’s the latest hotness in waiting room music, and the joys of watching TV from before your time.

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