The Pea Milk Tasting Menu – It’s a Thing 60

Tom was inspired by Dairy Queen and realized that tasting menus are a thing, while Molly notices that mainstream physics has joined the rank of things. Plus the demise on inkjets, backpacks, and of course, pea milk.

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One Response to “The Pea Milk Tasting Menu – It’s a Thing 60”

  1. Michael Honey-Arcement

    I was listening to the talk about backpacks and carrying things and thought of how little I can get by with. My OnePlus 6T is my primary computer for meetings and events outside of the office. I can respond to emails and messages just fine on my phone. I have a laptop at work that I carry to meetings in the building, but I don’t take it home because as a programmer I find it more efficient to remote into my work laptop from my home computer. Once more places have tap to pay and more states offer digital drivers license and insurance cards . . . I would only need to carry keys and my phone. Even keys are going away with smart locks…

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