It’s A Thing- s03e10 – Horizontal wood plank fencing

We think we’ve nailed an early trend in fencing here. It’s more fascinating than you think.

Get the episode here.

3 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s03e10 – Horizontal wood plank fencing”

  1. I have a strong feeling that the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls contributed to Williamsburg being overrun by tourists looking to spot hipsters. The show always makes fun of the hipsters in almost every episode. XD

  2. No not a new thing. Houses in my community and in fact entire city here in the suburbs of Washington DC were built in 1968. We just replaced our original horizontal fence with one of the same style.

    Granted it isn’t as hipster are the fences you have out West, but horizontal fencing is not a new thing, just your inner hipsters wanting it to be new.

    link below for an example of fences we had before they were trendy.

  3. when you were talking of hipsters, I thought about SF Bay Area back in the 70’s, Dada (Dadaism), if you knew about it you were almost there

    this might be a thing, hmmm

    if you get chance while driving around, stop at “Caffe Mediterraneum” in Berkeley, this was my morning wake coffee stop, before going to school

    when you get to Italy, be sure to take a side trip to Florence, it’s beautiful any time year. Rome is ok, but Florence is were the hipsters go….

    enjoy, ciao

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