It’s A Thing- s03e03 – Egg on top

What’s not better with an egg on top? We come up with a couple things. But honestly, it was difficult. This podcast contains trace amounts of yolk puns.

Download the episode here.

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  1. Awesome episode!

    You guys definitely hit on an interesting observation; Asians love to infuse eggs in their foods! I’m pretty sure Japan’s had eggs in their McDonald’s hamburgers for as long as I can remember!

    A lot of Japanese rice bowl dishes (donburi) contain eggs, including katsu-don (fried cutlet over rice). Actually, my favourite, “oyako-don,” (親子丼) can be translated into “parent-child-bowl,” as it contains chicken and egg.

    Given the trend of “exotic” (aka “traditional”) foods, I wonder if the various types of Asian eggs will become more mainstream in the West. Within hard-boiled/medium-boiled eggs, there’s various preparations that add some interesting flavours:
    Soy braised eggs: boiled eggs braised in a soy sauce and spices. It’s commonly served in Japanese ramen.
    Tea eggs: Found across convenience stores all over Asia, boiled eggs are boiled again with tea leaves for extra flavour.
    Thousand-year egg: Eggs preserved (for weeks to months) so that the egg yolk becomes translucent brown, the yolk becomes almost black. It’s commonly served in Chinese rice porridge.

    And actually, as I go down this list. Duck eggs are pretty popular in Asia. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more duck eggs make it across restaurants and food truckers here. Who knows, perhaps one day even balut, becomes a thing? Then again, maybe not.

    Anyways, another egg-cellent show!

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