It’s A Thing- s02e09 – The tulips of our day

Multiple colored cronutsLook, we’re not asking ANYTHING of you. Just don’t make too big a deal of cronuts, give Peruvian food it’s due, and just consider the merits of a paleo diet. But that’s it. NOTHING else. OK maybe stop whispering. But that’s it.

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Show notes:
Cronut Scalpers
Peruvian Food is finally hot
ASMR and binaural videos on YouTube!

7 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s02e09 – The tulips of our day”

  1. My one problem with “Paleo” is that it’s one of those “Well, I can I have this?” diets, and those never last. For example, Molly said that you can’t have potatoes, but doing a quick search I found a bunch of articles that kind of contradict that. Any diet that has hard and fast rules like that doesn’t last. At the end of the day it’s better just to do your own research about nutrition, go with the facts that are universally accepted(or as close as you can get to that with Nutrition), and come up with your own diet solution that works for you. Moderation and knowledge are the key.

  2. ASMR is kind of a “thing” right now, mainly because the internet has helped people identify and create a name for something that people who have it have experienced all their lives. I have ASMR, and despite what it sounds like, it is not sexual, but it does create “tingles” or sensations that feel incredibly pleasant, not that different from a sexual orgasm. You don’t feel anything in your “special place” but rather your arms, legs, and even down to your feet if the trigger is strong enough. Many people like the attention and focus on someone whispering directly to them, that’s what triggers the response. Other people with ASMR hate whispering or things that are considered triggers for other people. For example, some people love the sound of gum being chewed, but it makes me want to climb the walls. I do like when someone (a woman usually) talks to me very deliberately. Men don’t create ASMR tingles for me, even though I’m a straight woman, which very much confirms for me that it’s not sexual. I think the plethora of YouTube videos comes from the fact that triggers are different for everyone, and the ASMR community (the people who make the videos are called ASMR artists) is very open to working to create “tingles” for everyone in their own special way. There was a brief story about it on This American Life a few weeks back that describes it pretty well, but each person who has it has their own unique experience with it.

  3. There was something on a Bourdain show awhile back that talked about hamsters being part of an annual Peruvian ritual where the hamsters were dressed up in the morning then eaten for dinner. ewwww…….

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