It’s A Thing- #007 – Got love for shrubs

Orange cocktail with maraschino cherry garnish, outdoor backyard setting.Molly introduces Tom to shrubs in the cocktail world while Tom introduces Molly to artisnal hardware. ARTISNAL HARDWARE?!? Yeah, kind of like that. Also denim shirts and standing desks.

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Show Notes:

Hot new drink trends
What is a Shrub?
Artisanal hardware
Standing desks? Eff that noise. WALKING desks!
Tom’s standing desk is from Ergotron.

7 Responses to “It’s A Thing- #007 – Got love for shrubs”

  1. Dwight E. Howell

    The ancient Romans used to drink sour wine/vinegar watered down. You don’t get drunk, might fight stones and bladder infections, kills germs and eats the enamel off your teeth. I guess that means Shrub might be healthy. A walking desk for people that don’t do real work. A standing desk most likely is a very good idea.

  2. Just listened to this yesterday and heard Tom mentioned how standing desks are a thing. Yep, I literally had been up until 2:30 am the night before building my own out of parts from Ikea. Loving it and the show so far!

  3. foolforfood

    Love the new show, it’s what I’ve been hoping for from you two since Tom left bol. My thing is people using the line ” English is a living language” as an excuse for poor grammar. Yes it’s a living language and you are murdering it!

  4. Molly mentioned a restaurant that recently closed that she really liked. Was it Hudson (On College Ave) by any chance? If so, I feel your pain. My friend was the executive chef there and we got awesome free food all the time. Their drink menu was also ridiculous.

  5. Dansmusings

    Ok…loving it! Just listened and was reminded how much I love listening to you two together. Molly went off and I kept waiting to hear the BOL jingle “it’s a Molly rant”. Keep it up!

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