4 Responses to “It’s A Thing- #005 – Art and laziness”

  1. Having listened to this episode, I now understand that you record 4 at a time and so episode 5 was recorded in your second batch; after you launched & started getting feedback. One thing I miss in this episode was the little audio clip of Molly saying “I’m so excited” just before the theme music starts. I really like that but you don’t hear it in episode 5.

    Also, thanks again for the shoutouts about the podcast art. It was cool for me to hear Molly and Tom talking about me (very surreal), but oh so cool. I’m a longtime lurker on many of your podcasts but never have the nerve to join in regularly to the chatroom.

  2. I’m like Tom, OCD, i need to see all the headlines for all the sites i follow – have been trying other RSS feed programs, but none of them are the same – i dont get why google would close reader, it cant be costing them that much to run it

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