It’s A Thing- #003 – Whiskey and windshields

32095479_cd1dd599d2_zMolly takes us into the steamy secret world of speakeasies and Tom discovers windshield washer etiquette.

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Show Notes:


Tom just heard about the windshield washer thing from a friend.

8 Responses to “It’s A Thing- #003 – Whiskey and windshields”

    • ….looks in liquor cabinet….. Pulls out Woodford Reserve TWiT gave Eileen as a going away present…. Makes sure Woodford Molly gave him is finished… Yep….

      OK! I ‘ll “try” it! Maybe a few times more. Just to be sure. (Wink)

      Also, Agreed.

  1. I’m thinking that the windshield sprayer attitude might be a California or “fair weather” thing. Here in Minnesota we need our sprayers to actually see out of our windshields half the time. Especially during inclement weather, which seems to occur at least once a week. Lots of muck gets kicked up from other cars after rain or snow.

    • CJ Harrison

      Oh yes, the windshield sprayer thing is, likely, a fair weather thing. And I love it when we have so little to complain about that we have to get mad about someone else’s windshield washer fluid (which is actually clean stuff) hitting our cars. Yay for having nothing else to complain about!

  2. Alessandro Z

    Airline seats are so uncomfortable that regardless of where your sitting your experience is bound to be awful. Wide people really compound the problem. Also, people that bring 3 bags onto the plane like it ain’t a thang, annoying. Oh airlines, fix yourselves please.

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