28 Responses to “It’s A Thing- #001 – Food tower? YOLO!”

  1. Chad, thanks. Looks like something worked itself out from when I originally posted, and it had downloaded. Before, in Doggcatcher, I could see the posts, but no audio to download. Now the audio auto downloaded without me changing anything.

    Unfortunately, another problem is I see the non-podcasts containing posts as well in Doggcatcher. I have one other podcast that does that, so it might be how the feed is set to include all posts on the site. Not sure.

  2. Michael

    Can’t wait until you have a schedule figured out. This will be a regular entry in my podcast schedule. Wait… is Molly Wood and Tom Merritt fandom a thing?

  3. My 14 yr old daughter and her friends TOTALLY overuse YOLO. So, yeah, it’s a thing. And if I tell her I know what it means (I’m 42 too), she looks at me like I’m from space and says (in that sarcastic 14-yr old tone) “YOU know what YOLO means?”

    Love the show. I subscribed.

  4. Brian Roelofs

    My younger, cooler cousin informs me YOLO has now evolved into the inevitable faux-Spanish verb:

    Yolar — to only live once

  5. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I thought I’d also mention it here. Before listening to the podcast I had no idea that “youngsters” were using YOLO all over the place in completely the wrong context. They really don’t seem to understand the meaning of “you only live once”, but then again, what kid does? Check image #16: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/young-people-who-believe-marriage-should-be-between-a-man-an?sub=2110951_1017772


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