Viva Sihanoukville – It’s a Thing 67

Molly and Tom discuss the emergence of Chinese science fiction into the world of things. Then they look at wheeled mobility coming into its own, the latest 90s nostalgia meme music, and Chinese Monaco. Plus listeners weigh in on bras and Bob Ross.

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Let’s Talk About Beers and Bras – It’s a Thing 66

This week, Tom is still riding the high of the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup win. He’s talking about grabbing a Bud infused with Gloria. Molly chills him out by talking about Bob Ross being a thing again. Then they talk about selling clothes on DePop and bras.

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Buying A Ghost Brand – It’s a Thing 65

This week, Tom thinks the specter of ghost brands is definitely a thing. Meanwhile Molly considers the Instagram-friendly phenomenon of Pop-Up Museums. Then they discuss the moment Beyond Meat is having, and why everyone is loving Keanu Reeves.

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All About Yves – It’s a Thing 62

Tom discovers the Canadian wonder that is butter tarts, while Molly realizes that Yves Klein Blue is having a moment. Plus, is default the new basic? And face clocks are hard.

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Sports and a Wine Glass – It’s a Thing 61

This week, we had a good old fashioned It’s a Thing Sportstacular. Tom has thoughts on hockey, Molly thinks Soccer on US television is finally a thing, and they discuss if a sport from long ago in a galaxy far, far away can make it to the Olympics. Plus is the universal wine glass a thing?

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The Pea Milk Tasting Menu – It’s a Thing 60

Tom was inspired by Dairy Queen and realized that tasting menus are a thing, while Molly notices that mainstream physics has joined the rank of things. Plus the demise on inkjets, backpacks, and of course, pea milk.

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