The Pixie Difference – It’s a Thing 271

Tom finds the reply to a thing and Molly questions fruit. Then Tom finds a new hairstyle while Molly finds a simple way to get to the top.

Welcome to the show. 0:05

  • Welcome to it’s a thing, the weekly podcast supported by
  • Elevator pitch.
  • The origins of reply guys.
  • The recursive collapse of the reply guy.

What is the difference between a Pixie Tangerine and a Pixie Mandarins? 5:20

  • Pixie tangerines vs pixie mandarins.
  • The difference between a pixie and a Pixie mandarine.
  • Pixie tangerines are creeping into the mainstream.
  • Pixie month is over.

Pixie Tangerines on Amazon. 9:22

  • New next year is going to be a mess.
  • The hiroshima hair cut.
  • Not for the faint of heart.
  • The new york times. Elevators.

The new control system for elevators. 14:20

  • The new control system is more efficient.
  • The llm of elevators, keep the innovation going.
  • Elevators can be stressful and irrational.
  • The new elevator thing is a thing.

More and more men with great hairstyles, like Ted Lassos. 18:05

  • More and more men with great hairstyles like ted lassos.
  • Inside scoop on nutrition trends.

The inside scoop on a fashion trend: denim white denim with a floral pattern. 20:44

  • Fashion trend, white denim chaps with a floral pattern.
  • Inside scoop on a fashion trend.

Birdwatching in the hobby game industry. 23:30

  • Taste of the summer, strawberry lemonade seltzer.
  • Disc golf and disc golf.
  • Amber has some thing formations.
  • Remy wants to comment on a popular board game.

Introduction to Remi 27:12

  • Veronica belmont and remi have been doing this since 2008.
  • Gary shares some amazing floral patterns.

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  • Best pickleball paddle of the year.

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