Finding the Edge of the Demo – It’s a Thing 272

Tom catches up to the flat croissant and Molly goes a long way to prep a meal. Then Tom remembers a thing in the Paul Frank store, while Molly hears about enneagrams on the dating grapevine.

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Give your things the healthy attention they deserve because when they look and feel great. 0:00

  • Chapstick and chapstick.
  • Black croissants and flat breads in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Flat croissant recipe.

Where do you keep your kitchen brick? 4:05

  • Kitchen brick in the kitchen.
  • New york times cooking, the uber thing.
  • The new york times cooking reference.
  • The teempo de verano orange crush.

The art of meal prepping. 8:34

  • The art of meal prepping in instagram.
  • Meal prep king, meal prep.
  • Meal prep is a big part of this summer.
  • Meal prepping is a good call.

The story of how I discovered Drink Water in Malibu. 13:02

  • Fancy wine tasting in the paul frank store in malibu.
  • Fancy water tasting in la.

The nine Enneagram types explained by experts. 16:54

  • French version of epi-sad and french version.
  • The enneagram type, calm.
  • The nine enneagram types explained by experts.
  • The history of the Enneagram and why it’s back.

Where do you take the test? Is there a good book? 21:11

  • David is taking the jesuit priest test.
  • Molly is ready for a phrase thing.

Elevator control system. 24:08

  • Greg, the architect from Houston, wrote in on elevators.
  • No button, no problem.
  • Elevator control system in salesforce building.
  • Free samples at drugstores.

What’s up with free samples in drugstores? 28:06

  • The trend for buffness is gaining traction.
  • The state of not thinking is a mystery.

What is the proper Japanese pronunciation of “home cut?”. 31:02

  • The proper japanese pronunciation of the home cut.
  • The good customs established by Joe Hood.
  • Cortes of laon, first document of parliamentarianism in history.


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