Cottage Cheese and Tater Tots – It’s a Thing 270

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Molly Wood introduces herself. 0:03

Welcome to the weekly podcast, critical reflections on contemporary culture.

Hedgehog review tagline.

Have you been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident? 2:49

Hedgehog review, uber or Lyft accident.

Los angeles, the new ambulance chasing.

Bmw gets permission to sell level 3 autonomy.

Mercedes is liable for accidents.

Cottage cheese is back. 7:36

Mercedes is back, and it’s a huge deal.

Cottage cheese is back.

Cottage cheese is back, and it’s super high protein.

Bodybuilding is back.

Proteins as a shortcut for healthy. 13:08

Protein as a shortcut for healthy.

The hello kitty universe and karami.

Goth punk people love sanrio characters.

Food trends represent american economic competence.

The return of Tater Tots. 17:08

Tater tots are back, and they’re at mexican restaurants.

Mexican tacos are where it’s at

Bone conducting headphones, bone conduction, birding and birding.

Tangbone could not be better.

What’s going on with birding? 20:17

Birding in the air, bluebird house, birdbath and hummingbird feeders.

Weekly sunshine.

Eric needs a music thing check about music.

Paul lufia, goat, just goat.

Taylors Ears Tour has spawned its own constellation of sub things. 23:51

Taylor swift and spritzes.

The drink of the summer is the hugo spritz.

Ticket sale is a huge deal.

Molly is getting a little fomo.

This week’s shout outs. 29:13

Thank you to patrons for supporting the show.

This week’s shout outs.

Mother earth, mother earth, jake woods, podcasts, heart ownership.

Future unfolds innovations, future unfolds, cardinals community ownership.


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