2 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s04e04 – Introverts are in”

  1. Enjoyed this one! This is my topic. Tom is an INTP and Molly an ENFJ. (The N function is associated with some introverted qualites, so it comes up confused on pop test) Other ENFJs include Jeff Cannata and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

    The guy that came up with extraversion and introversion (Carl Jung) theorized that everyone is an ambivert. (he never used that word) You have a dominate trait function and an auxillary function that assists it) In Tom’s Case. Introverted Thinking paired with an auxillary lesser “used” function Extroverted iNtutuion. (in other words, Tom becomes more extroverted when ideas/concepts are being thrown around) Molly is more introverted when she becomes curious.

    Brushwood ENFP, Leo ENTP, JRY ENTP, Cannata ENFJ, Scott Johnson INFP

    It’s more complicated than that (and that’s the beauty of it) but those are the basics. (be careful when you google. Some MBTI websites are less about theory and more about clicks.)

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