It’s A Thing- s03e07 – Pet Meds and Sheet Bacon

sheetbaconTired of embarrassing human medication ads with frightening side effect disclosures? Now they have them for your pets!

BREAKING THINGS: Sheet bacon spotted in the wild!

Download the episode here.

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One Response to “It’s A Thing- s03e07 – Pet Meds and Sheet Bacon”

  1. I recently got a Costco membership because I found out their pharmacy filled my monthly prescription for about 60% less than the local pharmacy charged me. At the counter I noticed that they advertised for filling pet medication as well! I told my mom, whose cat was needing a $60/month medication (verging on the put-down cost-benefit analysis). Costco ended up filling it for $6.00/month. I feel I saved a feline life!

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