It’s A Thing- s03e05 – Scary-ass TV

Ecran_Titre_d'American_Horror_StoryFirst of all, why is all the TV suddenly scary? At least when it’s not a comedy. Second of all, seriously, why so scary!?

Also BREAKING THING: Can naptime kill you?

Download the episode here.

3 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s03e05 – Scary-ass TV”

  1. Nobody ever talks about my favorite “scary” show, Being Human. I just saw the series finally and it was great. I watched the UK version also but, like the US version is better.

    Molly, I think Being Human is below your scariness threshold. Both series are available on Netflix.

  2. Matt Plovan

    Molly, you mentioned the Carrie Diaries as scary TV.
    I was channel flipping one night and saw the show thinking it would be cool to see an expansion of Stephen King’s Carrie story.
    What I found was even scarrier. It is the teenage story leading up to Sex and the City.

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