It’s A Thing- s03e04 – 2048

Number games like Threes and 2048 are sweeping the nation. Why? No idea. We’re too busy playing 2048.

Download the episode here.

2 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s03e04 – 2048”

  1. Michael

    Hi Tom & Molly,

    You could say your seasons are an “indeterminate length”. I thought I’d toss that out there for a throwback Thursday. 🙂 It’s wonderful to hear your voices together on a podcast again! Thank you for giving the world a lighter show to enjoy when so many other things have our attention and focus.

    Something I would consider a thing is what I just mentioned. More and more via social media I see friends, family and colleagues posting something pertaining to their very own “throwback Thursday”. Do either of you notice this among your social media channels? When did throwback Thursday become a thing?

    Again, I thank you both for the great podcast. I will continue to listen and enjoy. Be well!

    – Michael

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