5 Responses to “It’s A Thing- s02e03 – Secret world of vacuum cleaners”

  1. Vicki Apokis

    In the 70s we had the Village People. In the 2010s we have the …. Vacuum People?!?!??? All I can say, if they want to hold their next convention in my house, and use my floor to test their vacuum cleaners, cudos to them. I’ll even throw in some food for the free clean. I even have a variety of surfaces for them to test – carpet & floorboards.

    Minor problem though – I live in Australia.

  2. Hey kids!
    Really like the show! Always interesting perspective on the up and coming hipster trends. Wow, that sounded like a WordPress spam comment… :-O sorry….
    Anyway, on the gin thing…. We spent the weekend with 600 of our closest friends at a music fest in NW Illinois. One of our camping mates love Bombay Sapphire gin, so much so, that it ALWAYS goes with her. I asked her about it, cuz I’m not a gin person, but an Irish whiskey sipper… She likes the cleaner, lighter flavour, she said… Tastes like a shot glass of Pine Sol, to me, but then again, Tullamore, or Kilbeggan are more my taste.
    Made me laugh this morning, catching up on podcasts, and hearing about gin and tonic, after the weekend.
    All the best, and keep up the good work. Oh wait- it’s Tom and Molly Wood, of course it’s gonna be good!


  3. Tom,
    You’re not alone; I too, am a gin hound. Below are some recommendations for great gins.
    Uncle Val’s Gin: Very flavorful and smooth, great on ice.
    Magellan blue gin: Light and summery gin with some natural sweetness.
    Roundhouse barrel aged gin: A whiskey drinker’s gin.

    Tom and Molly,
    Glad to hear you two broadcasting together again. Love the show!

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