Buying A Ghost Brand – It’s a Thing 65

This week, Tom thinks the specter of ghost brands is definitely a thing. Meanwhile Molly considers the Instagram-friendly phenomenon of Pop-Up Museums. Then they discuss the moment Beyond Meat is having, and why everyone is loving Keanu Reeves.

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All About Yves – It’s a Thing 62

Tom discovers the Canadian wonder that is butter tarts, while Molly realizes that Yves Klein Blue is having a moment. Plus, is default the new basic? And face clocks are hard.

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Sports and a Wine Glass – It’s a Thing 61

This week, we had a good old fashioned It’s a Thing Sportstacular. Tom has thoughts on hockey, Molly thinks Soccer on US television is finally a thing, and they discuss if a sport from long ago in a galaxy far, far away can make it to the Olympics. Plus is the universal wine glass a thing?

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The Pea Milk Tasting Menu – It’s a Thing 60

Tom was inspired by Dairy Queen and realized that tasting menus are a thing, while Molly notices that mainstream physics has joined the rank of things. Plus the demise on inkjets, backpacks, and of course, pea milk.

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