Western Boots Kick Tushy – It’s A Thing 50

Tom and Molly recorded this episode on a Saturday morning, and it’s crackling with freshly caffeinated energy. Molly starts off by making the case that bidet’s are becoming a thing in the US, then Tom highlights the thing that is Begpacking. Then the two discuss social media accounts for rental homes, Western boots, and a few things from our listeners in the Discord channel.

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Pining for The Rock’s Bronco Concept – It’s A Thing 49

Tom and Molly wax on the ever present force that is the Jeep Wrangler in Hawaii. Then they wonder if you can have JOMO if you haven’t heard of intermittent fasting yet. Molly also gives a thing update with Lady Jordans. Plus a lot of things from our patrons in Discord!

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Remembrances of Wörishofers Past – It’s A Thing 48

It’s A Thing has been around for nigh on a decade, starting with a Twitter account and evolving into a podcast. In all that time, Molly and Tom have identified a lot of things that are…things. In this episode, they dig back through the Twitter feed and find their most prescient selections and the misses that now seem baffling. Whiskey? Nailed it. Rainbow Looms? Not so much.

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Trenchant Things Over Drinks Before Hawaii – It’s A Thing 47

Before Tom and Molly head off for their respective vacations, they’re pouring some drinks and talking about some things. Tom enjoys an upgraded gin and tonic while he talks about the decline of the NFL and adding cereal to ice cream. Meanwhile Molly is drinking a selection from her school’s wine club and talking about Maximalism and waxing at home.

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Man Buns at CES – It’s a Thing 45

Tom and Molly are back from CES and ready to talk about some things! Tom’s been watching college basketball and seeing neon, while Molly’s been rocking a distinctive new pair of shoes and spotting Man Buns at CES.

Plus, Molly may have found the cure for the CES cold, and Tom doesn’t do a Seinfeld bit.

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Molly’s New Jordans

Chinese Sneakers

Molly’s CES Cold Cure

Miami Heat Neon Jerseys

C-Drama Meets Meme Music – It’s A Thing 43

They might just call it regular TV across Asia, but Tom thinks that Korean and Chinese dramas are definitely a thing. Meanwhile, Molly entered into the weird world of semi-ironic meme music hits. To no one’s surprise, there will be singing. Plus, our first Molly Rant in a while.

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Tom’s Pick: Legend of Fuyao

Molly’s Pick: Meme Music

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac Resurgence

Drama Panda

Fallout 76 Trailer

That Lying Wirecutter Review

Tom’s Wirecutter Alternative

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