Trenchant Things Over Drinks Before Hawaii – It’s A Thing 47

Before Tom and Molly head off for their respective vacations, they’re pouring some drinks and talking about some things. Tom enjoys an upgraded gin and tonic while he talks about the decline of the NFL and adding cereal to ice cream. Meanwhile Molly is drinking a selection from her school’s wine club and talking about Maximalism and waxing at home.

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3 Responses to “Trenchant Things Over Drinks Before Hawaii – It’s A Thing 47”

  1. Tim Jahr

    I’m not sure I totally agree on your “NFL in decline” thing. Sure, Trump has been saying it for a few years, but only because he’s in a spat with them that goes back all the way to his USFL days, plus it reinforces political issues that play to his base. And yes, ratings are down some, but ratings are down for almost everything on TV, and the NFL games in primetime still crush almost every other show out there. The NBA is definitely gaining in popularity (God knows why, I’m a big sports fan, but can’t get into that league. I’ll take any of the other major college or pro sports first), but I’m guessing what you were seeing has a lot more to do with the apathy L.A. has towards their current teams. To that point:

    The L.A. market actually had a lower television rating for the Super Bowl than the country as a whole. According to Austin Karp of Sports Business Journal, the Los Angeles market had a 44.6 overnight rating, which is actually lower than the 44.9 overnight rating for the country as a whole.

    Per ProFootballTalk (and my own experience as well), “It’s just about unheard of, not only for the Super Bowl but for any sporting event, for the market of one of the two teams in the game to get a lower rating than the country as a whole. (For comparison, Boston had a 57.4 overnight rating.)”

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