Slow Travel, Take It Easy – It’s a Thing 58

This week on the show, Tom and Molly are talking about slow travel, clear frames, physical retail in a digital world, and the best jar in the gelato business.

Get the episode here.

2 Responses to “Slow Travel, Take It Easy – It’s a Thing 58”

  1. Deborah

    My husband and I went on the Orient Express for our honeymoon back in 2016! We got to dress up in fancy clothes and have multi-course meals in the dining cars. There was even a grand piano in the bar car!

  2. BBC Click had a segment on the electrification of classic cars on 6 Apr (S11E16). Definitely a Thing if you have the money and time.
    “The team takes a look at electric cars and talks to people who are taking classic cars and converting them to run on electric motors.”

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