It’s A Thing- #008 – Whatcha Reading?

chambraybooksMolly dishes on why people are dishing about what they are reading. And Tom reveals the source of his Chambray shirt knowledge.

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Trunk Club
Stitch Fix

5 Responses to “It’s A Thing- #008 – Whatcha Reading?”

  1. indigeek

    I swear when you guys said fantasy golf the first thing I pictured was people in costumes playing golf.. and i went please let that not be a thing.. glad to know the reality was much tamer..

  2. Ali Smith/fortythieves

    Loving the show guys 🙂

    Tom’s first aid subscription service wouldn’t just be useful for personal use. I’ve worked on and off for an outdoor activities center in the Swiss Alps, guiding groups of kids on hikes, and first aid kits were always a pain in the neck. It was easily a day’s work to collect up all the kits, check the dates and figure out what we needed to renew. Actually buying the stuff was annoying too – try buying large boxes of drugs in bulk! A service that handled that for us would be fantastic…

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