6 Responses to “It’s A Thing- #004 – Trolls lose, coffee wins”

  1. Don’t knock vacuum siphon coffee brewers until you’ve used one. They are hands down the best way to brew coffee since they were invented in the 1830’s. $35 will get you a Yama vacuum brewer, no need to spend hundreds. If you’ve never had fresh roasted (i.e. roasted yesterday, not last week) coffee prepared in a vacuum siphon brewer, you don’t know what coffee really tastes like.

  2. Blair Slavin

    Hey Tom,

    Are you using the aero press upside down to premix your coffee? It’s easier. Look at page 199-201 in Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Chef on how it’s been hacked. I have less problems with the filter slipping out.

  3. Jan Alleman

    Love the podcast, but the part about having everybody show their real identity … *cringe* *cringe* *cringe*.

    I can totally see that as somewhat of a celebrity you two get inundated with spam and trolls, but whenever you give them any opening into your life they’ll find a way (email, twitter, comments, etc). Ban them and they can just make a new account. Hence I agree that to effectively manage spam, trolls and discussions on your scale, you need additional personnel. Your scale however also provides you with a large base of intelligent followers, who can do this for you through up/down voting systems.

    On the other side for us normal people showing your real identity is a huge hassle. I’m for example looking for a new job right now and every recruiter is going through my online presence. Of course most of these uppity people only want to see positive comments and bland non-confrontational posts. I consider myself a normal well-informed person, but if these recruiters were to see the warrantless government spying posts or Syria videos I’ve upvoted on Reddit I wouldn’t get hired anywhere. The same goes for your acknowledgement about blasting away negative comments, which could start to include just constructive criticism (that I don’t want to put my name on become of the above mention consequences).

    Hence I would loved to have heard some more understanding of the “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”-situation most people are in. Just as you wanted for you Youtube account, everyone else also needs a well crafted public image and putting your name on everything just isn’t going to be possible. If you enforce this, you might “PreCrime” away many valuable discussions that might have taken place otherwise.

  4. Nate Henry

    I love you guys. This brings back that nostalgic dynamic of BOL with fresh non-tech topics that really are “a thing.” Keep it up. Oh, and the siphon brew is really amazing. Try it. If you have the right coffee then it almost has a floral taste.

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