Girls Be VSCO – It’s a Thing 75

Tom is back from his world travels, and Molly is back from Minnesota, so that must mean they talked about some things. Tom is fascinated by Mukbang packages at hotels, while Molly finds out the hottest tote bag comes with a New Yorker subscription. Then they discuss VSCO girls and the emergence of spritzes.

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2 Responses to “Girls Be VSCO – It’s a Thing 75”

  1. Being I’m now the Dad who is “in the know”, I was excited to share my new discovery during a recent conversation with our friends’ 14-year-old daughter. All of the parents were sitting around talking when I said “Ya know, I have it on good authority that VSCO girls are a thing.” Well, this 14-year-old then gave us the inside scoop on current youngin’ culture. Now that Pandora’s Box has swung wide open, we now know there are also E Girls and E Boys, Horse Girls, Soft Girls and Soft Boys, and Basic Girls. Who knew!?

    I’m now having flashbacks of the 1979 film “The Warriors”, thinking there may have been a few of these groups included as uncredited gangs. If not, I’m quite certain the remake will include them.

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