Cashing In On Escapism Privilege – It’s a Thing 79

Molly is cancelling Tom’s plan to extols the virtues of Tekashi 6ix 9ine. Then they discuss the puffy vests of vegetables. Plus, is someone giving Fordo a run for her money?

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One Response to “Cashing In On Escapism Privilege – It’s a Thing 79”


    Hello Molly,

    Was listening to the latest podcast and your struggles with trailer wiring. 1st, your hitch guy should’ve asked/told you about whether you were towing something that had lights. Not sure that this is a guy you want to be working with.

    With regards to wiring into your car, I am guessing it’s a BMW 3-Series. Go to There are some non-invasive solutions that have passive pickups that won’t damage your existing body-controller wiring.

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