C-Drama Meets Meme Music – It’s A Thing 43

They might just call it regular TV across Asia, but Tom thinks that Korean and Chinese dramas are definitely a thing. Meanwhile, Molly entered into the weird world of semi-ironic meme music hits. To no one’s surprise, there will be singing. Plus, our first Molly Rant in a while.

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Tom’s Pick: Legend of Fuyao

Molly’s Pick: Meme Music

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac Resurgence

Drama Panda

Fallout 76 Trailer

That Lying Wirecutter Review

Tom’s Wirecutter Alternative

2 Responses to “C-Drama Meets Meme Music – It’s A Thing 43”

  1. On the smart home stuff, as easy and cheap as these wifi plugs work (I’ve had good luck with TP Link myself), my biggest gripe is every different brand is yet another account, and yet another service that could go down (especially the lesser known companies). I’ve resorted to trying to stick with zigbee or zwave stuff that works with the various hubs out there. Annoying to have a hub, but if Belkin bowed out, my plugs aren’t totally useless.

  2. Molly, I’ve been using TP-Link for years (I have both the plugs and light switches) and they work 98 out of 100 times. I have 7 total across my house and it’s the brand I’ll buy as gifts. It’s worth a try.

    PS: I’m so glad I found your podcast!!!

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