Buying A Ghost Brand – It’s a Thing 65

This week, Tom thinks the specter of ghost brands is definitely a thing. Meanwhile Molly considers the Instagram-friendly phenomenon of Pop-Up Museums. Then they discuss the moment Beyond Meat is having, and why everyone is loving Keanu Reeves.

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One Response to “Buying A Ghost Brand – It’s a Thing 65”

  1. I’m so glad you have brought the show back. I’m catching up on a backlog and listening to the ghost brands discussion reminded me of a cool event we have here in Ypsilanti, MI where I live. Over the years, many car brands have been built in this area and since become defunct. We still have the last operational Hudson dealership which also serves as the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage museum. Every September, we have the Orphan Car Show which is dedicated to defunct brands of all sorts. To qualify to exhibit, a brand has to have been defunct for at least 7 years. A couple of years back they added Mercury and before that Pontiac and Saturn.

    If you happen to be in Michigan in mid-september, make sure you check it out.

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