It is almost a thing

Molly Wood and I (Tom here) have been scheming to make a podcasting project happen for awhile.  Well guess what.  Here we are with It’s a Thing.  The idea is that each episode we will each bring one thing we’ve identified in the world that we think just might have become a thing. Then we’ll discuss.  And then you will too. With us or each other. Sound fun?  Come back soon for the first episode, then.

6 Responses to “It is almost a thing”

  1. Chad B.

    Tom and Molly…. Tolly?

    Hi guys! Great to see you two back together again. I bet if someone were to drop a line on the BOL Facebook page pointing this way, ALLOT of people would flock here…. Just a thought. Can’t wait to catch the show!

    Chad B.

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