The Death of Retail Is Great For All Of Us – It’s a Thing 68

Tom sees some smiling faces and Molly wants the Gap to embrace the weight of their nostalgia. Meanwhile country is back and turmeric is delicious.

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One Response to “The Death of Retail Is Great For All Of Us – It’s a Thing 68”

  1. Retail worker person

    It is definitely a thing to smile more, appease the customer more in retail in my experience. I have worked retail in many ways for years now and I see it as more of a response to customers being more demanding for things to be taken care of whether it’s the establishments job or not. There seems to be much more of an expectation that retail workers will go above and beyond to acquiesce to the demands of the customer than before, more of the idea that the customer is always right. Working retail can make your faith in humanity and basic human decency crumble into dust.

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