About ‘It’s a Thing’

It’s a Thing is a show grown from the brain of Molly Wood, derived from a regular segment on the CNET podcast Gadgettes. Tom and Molly started the hit podcast “Buzz Out Loud” which they co-hosted for years after the turn of the century. They missed doing shows together, so they decided that in itself, should become a thing. Again.


Molly Wood is the author of the Machine Learning column for the New York Times

Tom Merritt is the host of Daily Tech News Show and Sword and Laser on Frogpants.


Logos for podcast and website title banner designed by Lisa Glassberg (@lelolai), graphic designer at cultivastudio.com.


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24 Responses to About ‘It’s a Thing’

  1. Peggy Duke

    Outstanding! I used to LIVE for the BOL Molly rants and there have never been two personalities more chemically perfect for appointment podcasting. Bring it. I have followed TWiT and Always On, but nothing is better than Tom and Molly riffing together.

  2. Peggy Duke

    Correction: TNT. I follow TWiT, but that is not relevant.

  3. dcc

    Glad the dynamic duo is back! Heard about your new place on Twit and got the podcasts set up asap. Excellent days ahead…

  4. Curt

    My new fav podcast. Molly & Tom together again. Perfect.

  5. Brandon

    It seemed like all my favorite podcasts were ending. It’s AMAZING to have a new one beginning. Especially this one. I listen to podcasts at work but I can’t watch video, so I went from listening to Molly everyday to not hearing from her in years. (Tom I still get to listen to on Sword and Laser and TNT…) It’s great to have you guys back together again.

  6. Sam

    Could not find “it’s a thing” on stitcher.

  7. After many a 4 hour drives, I have come to depend on the Tom & Molly show(s) to keep me alert, entertained and engaged in tech today.

    …things reminds me of something, yet nothing – perfectly.

    Keep up the great work and great journalism!

  8. Harold Smith

    Love it when you two work together.

    In case you missed it on NPR: Watermelon Babies Of China

    “Not all parents in China are dressing their kids in melon wear, and there isn’t an army of watermelon children roaming the street. However, this does seem to be a thing.”


  9. Hank

    I was a long time listener of you two on BOL and I’m also glad to see you back together. Well done!
    Just saw a report on NBC Nightly News about a trend in people getting together for do-it-yourself repairs instead of just junking things. http://dailynightly.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/08/21/20122895-if-its-broke-fix-it-neighbors-repair-each-others-belongings?lite
    Looks like a good way to save money and reduce waste. Could be a thing, yes?
    BTW, Luv the show!

  10. thebadge

    This could be a thing – gingham shirts. It seems that I am spotting more men in the media wearing gingham shirts. Tim Gunn, who is suppose to be a fashion guru, is wearing gingham. Gingham is a great look for a table cloth, but not a great look for men’s shirts. Is this a thing?

    BTW, love hearing Molly and Tom together again.

  11. Angel M

    Is “it’s a thing” DOA? no new episodes since October. I too am glad that this BOL duo returned. Love the show and hope this remains a thing

    • admin

      Hi Angel. You must have missed the end of the episode huh? We do It’s A Thing in seasons. We’ll keep you updated when the next season arrives. Probably sometime after the first of the year we’re thinking.

      Glad you like the show!

  12. Oni

    So, uh… any chance this podcast is coming back? Or perhaps a new show with Molly and Tom? Anything? Miss you guys.

    • admin

      Every chance. What happened was we were planning to maybe do a Kickstarter in January. Then I got let go at TWiT. Then Molly got a job at the New York Times. So all of that has distracted us somewhat. But we definitely aren’t abandoning this show, it’s just going to take us both awhile to settle into our respective new situations. Sorry for the delay We shall return!

  13. Shaurya Dabas

    Hi Molly & Tom, hope you’re doing good!
    I am trying to start my own company in India, and wanted to ask if I could use on of the images on your website. Its the one with windows and mountains in it, want to use it as a symbol of hope. To reassure you my business is not related to yours at all, will be really helpful if you could let me use it for free or at a nominal charge since I am a budding entrepreneur.
    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you.
    Looking forward to your response.

  14. SteveH

    I listen to many podcasts but not indiscriminately. I choose carefully. ‘It’s a Thing’ is my favorite. It would be difficult to explain exactly why, but to those who venture here I daresay no explanation is needed. In the world of sweet, sugar & butter need no exposition. In the land of savory, salt and pepper require no commentary. The magic of Tom & Molly is self evident.

    Though I find myself giddy with each new episode, I also have concerns that Tom & Molly will have enough encouragement to continue the effort. This sounds noble but it is not. I have eagerly used the “donate” button but only to support my own thoughtless needs and the furtherance of my addiction. My contribution is void of altruism. Any benefit to the show is collateral. I encourage others to be as self-serving as I have been.

  15. Hank Lavagnini

    I listen to a lot of tech podcasts, mainly those on the TWiT network, and I have noticed an increased use of the word “Absolutely!” For example:
    “Welcome to the show” – (reply) “Absolutely!”
    “Thanks for inviting me” – (reply) “Absolutely!”
    “Is that correct?” – (reply) “Absolutely!” etc,etc,etc…
    Is this a new thing on the West Coast or in the techie world? (Please don’t say “Absolutely!”)

  16. (Rockin') Roland

    Found this new ‘cast of yours a bit late and am now catching up. Great stuff! Loved the schtick since the birth of BOL…..but….no new episodes coming?

    Please tell me that we’re not all going to be soon saying…..”LOVED the show!”

  17. Bryan

    Guys, you have GOT to do a show on ASMR videos on YouTube. I just discovered this phenomenon about 2 weeks ago, and apparently, IT’S TOTALLY A THING!! I’m still not sure if I should be creeped out by them, or thankful, because they knock me right out. But I can’t help wondering if there’s something wrong with me for watching them.

  18. Rachel

    Just have to say… I really miss this show!! Would love it if Tom and Molly had enough time in their schedule to do a new series of episodes. So many “things”, like the keto diet, Snapchat/Instagram filters, photo retouching apps that people have no clue how to properly use and make themselves look weird and obviously fake! Haha! I love that both of you are so busy now and am still following what you’re doing, but I’m really missing the Tom/Molly combo. 🙂

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